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I’m Maria Grande, the author of The No-Nonsense Guide to Sustainable and Effective Habits, a step-by-step guide for sustainable beginners or sustainable enthusiasts looking for a method of sustainable living that works for them.

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About Ingrain

This sustainable living book was written from my own experience. Three years ago I decided I wanted to be more sustainable, but everything I found online, although it sounded exciting, was too hard for me to do, as I didn't want to completely change my lifestyle. I knew that if I wanted to build long-lasting change, I had to figure something out, a different solution, something that could be integrated into my current lifestyle.

It was important for me to create something that took away the pressure from having an unrealistic "perfect sustainable lifestyle". This is why I decided to write a book that could help people like me, including my friends, family and people like you be more sustainable on their own terms.

My starting point for writing the book could be summarised as:

  • Not knowing what exactly to do to be more sustainable, apart from the basics.

  • Feeling pressured to be perfect or have a perfect sustainable life.

  • Afraid of starting because I don’t know what to do.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by how to enjoy being sustainable without giving up my lifestyle.

  • The need to be better in order to help slow down global warming.

This is why I created this sustainable living book and this community around sustainable living, my mission is to help transform people's lives. I'm very passionate about habit-building, manifestation, being better and sustainability!

So, I want to help you.

This is what you can expect from me:

  • Support in creating a sustainable living lifestyle that works for you.

  • Tips and tricks on how to be more eco-friendly.

  • Advice that will help you be more sustainable and achieve a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

  • Brand and product recommendations for a more eco-friendly home.

Are you ready..? Let's start today! Drop me a message on the chat and let's get your sustainable lifestyle started.

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