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Building sustainable habits: my first 5 habits changes (Proven method)

We feel you… being sustainable and breaking old habits can be hard, it requires extra effort and with everything else going on, it’s difficult to stick to it!

However, I can’t take it anymore! This is the year we’re changing our habits because being conscious about global warming means it’s our responsibility to try to make a positive impact to help the planet.

Whether it’s campaigning against big corporations that keep contaminating our environment, using less water and electricity at home or minimising your waste, every small action helps!

To put it this way, think about how many people are in the world — if each of us recycles 1 bottle of plastic, it’ll be 7.8+ billion recycled plastic bottles! That makes such a huge difference, right?

So welcome to my journey, my name is Maria and I’m on a journey to minimise the waste I create at home and develop more sustainable habits!

We value ease, as our day to day is very busy and we know you do too! Are you ready to discover the best way to be more sustainable and minimise waste?

We always say: work smarter, not harder. 🤓

My main goals are:

  • Minimise plastic consumption

  • Reuse as much as we can

  • Pick slow consumption over overconsumption

  • Making things last is the goal

  • Single-use items are not our friends

- Create simple sustainable habits that you can integrate into your lifestyle

How does that sound? We know change can be hard, so we want to make it as easy as possible for all of you to be part of this journey. We can help and support each other to become better.

The journey starts here and we are so excited!

See you in the next post ✌🏻🌱

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Can’t wait to meet you all! 🌵

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