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My Story: How I turned an eco-friendly problem into a creative solution

I remember when I started my #sustainablegirlera 3 years ago. I felt overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated because I wanted to be more sustainable but I found it hard to do. It felt like I had to change my entire lifestyle to fit into a new personality type...


On the other hand, there is so much information online about being sustainable or zero waste, and most of the time, it tells you to do XYZ to be more sustainable, which turns out to be A LOT. But I could not disagree more with this approach. I find that unrealistic, overwhelming and demotivating.

With this in mind, I decided to do something to fix my problem. My goal was to find a way of being more sustainable in a way that worked for me, in a way that fit my lifestyle, and something long-lasting that I could also enjoy.

After almost a year of doing research, I concluded that humans are creatures of habit. If I wanted actually to make a difference, I needed to tap into the habit-building/habit-creation area of my brain. If I could create simple sustainable habits that require only 1% of my effort to complete, add that as part of my daily routine, and keep it up for at least a month, I simply just CRACKED THE CODE to sustainable living.

This is the whole reason why I decided the write a book about it, and the reason why the book is structured as a guide, because I wanted to help people build a sustainable lifestyle from the ground up, by giving them the knowledge, tools and resources they need to build one of their own.


But let me tell you something, sustainability looks different for everyone, and no matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is to do something about it, even if that's only 1%.

It was also important for me to create something that took away the pressure from having an unrealistic "perfect sustainable lifestyle". This is why I decided to write a book that could help people like me, including my friends, family and people like you be more sustainable on their own terms.

My starting point for writing the book could be summarised as:

  • I don't know exactly what to do to be more sustainable, apart from the basics.

  • I feel pressured to be perfect or have a perfect sustainable life (based on the standards set by the industry).

  • I'm afraid of starting because I don’t know what to do.

  • I feel overwhelmed by how to enjoy being sustainable without giving up my lifestyle.

  • I feel the need to be better to help slow down global warming.

This is why I created this sustainable living book and this community around sustainable living, my mission is to help transform people's lives. I'm very passionate about habit-building, manifestation, being better and sustainability!

Also, for some reason I feel like people link sustainability as something dull, strict and boring, but who said sustainability can't be fun or creative!?

So, I want to help you.

Now you can do this alone, or you can let me help you. Are you ready..?

Let's start today!

Drop me a message on the chat and let's get you started in your #SustainablegirlEra.

xoxo - Maria

Do you want to get the book? You can find it here.

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