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The Secret to Plastic Free Grocery Shopping

plastic free shopping

Everyone says you shouldn't use any plastic - and you’ve probably read hundreds of articles about how to get started - but no one really tells you how to do something as simple as going grocery shopping - plastic free. In today’s post, I’m spilling the tea on plastic free shopping and the best kept secrets.

The secret...

The truth is... in the world we live in today, with the kind of lifestyles we enjoy to have, it's really really hard to live plastic free!

But guess what... that's ok! I'm about to share with you 3 simple tricks you can use to make your shopping more "plastic free" friendly.

Step 1 - Love your reusable bags

I get it, we all have hundreds to reusable bags at home, and we always forget to take them with us. So here is what you are going to do.

Instead of storing your bags in a cabinet where you can see them, place them in a basket next to the door, this way, you will be able to see and remember to take them every time you leave the house.

Our brain likes automation, but automation doesn't happen overnight, so setting up queues we can use to train that automation will help you in the long run.

Step 2 - Look at the packaging first

When we are picking the products on our list, we usually go for the cheapest option or our favourite brand first. Instead, think about the packaging of that product when you pick it up. Is it plastic, are there any other options around you that you can pick instead?

Do this for every product and you will see how much plastic you can eliminate with your groceries.

Step 3 - Prioritise loose produce

Remember that meme on Instagram of a store that had bananas in a plastic tray... with plastic film on them?! Crazy I know...

Supermarkets are overdoing it these days, making you wrap every single vegetable or fruit in a plastic bag, but that's really not needed.

Next time you go to the store, just take the fruit and veggies as they are, you'll be able to weight them and pay for them at the till anyways.

This trick will help you reduce your plastic consumption by a lot.


I know that avoiding plastic when doing groceries is hard these days, but these simple and easy to do tricks will really help you decrease the amount of plastic you use, and therefore they will help you contribute towards the health of our planet. It's a win win situation!

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